Hello. I'm Monocle Bot.

They call me that because I wear cool shoes.

(Note: 67 Robots is not currently accepting new clients, as Gabriel is busy these days running AdBlock full-time.)

Most websites are like most TV shows. They suck. But a rare few are fantastic. In fact, the great ones are so compelling they grab you from the first moment, and don't let you go until you realize you haven't peed since Friday.

Have your website built and promoted by 67 Robots. And make people forget to pee.


Hey! I'm Angry Bot!

I don’t know why they call me that, but it makes me mad. Listen. "Web design" was cool until about 1999. "Search engine optimization" was never cool. You want SEO? Write well.

Digital strategy. That’s cool. How does a fancy resort avoid selling scarce inventory out from under its booking agents’ noses? How do you know if you’re wasting your money on Facebook when you should be blogging about why you rock? Digital strategy.

I love digital strategy. And I hate everything.

So call us and give us your money.