Hello. I'm Monocle Bot.

And then, from the mountains on high and from the bowels of the caves beneath the oceans— NAY! From the very lugubrious heart of the grassy fields of yore... there came a rumbling.

Actually, it was more like a mechanical whirring, reminiscent of lattes being gently prepared in the Starbucks under your apartment, crossed with the mellifluous purr that an Atari 2600 would make if it could purr when you insert your favorite game cartridge. Tunnel Runner, for example. And I mean the original, wood-paneled 2600, not the sleek black wedge they released later. But it's cool if you liked that one.

Either way, though, the sound still came from the mountains and the caves and the grass and the Starbucks... and it was good.


Hey! I'm Angry Bot!

It was the sound of a flock of mechanical butterflies triumphing over an armada of naysaying piranhas in the belly of a steely-eyed man gazing sternly, but without scorn, out toward the horizon, and feeling reasonably certain that while it might rain this evening, the stars were nevertheless aligned as they should be.

It was the sound of industry, the sound of ideas.

It was the sound of the robots.

Stirring back to life. Whirring back into service, as each one's single row of dust-bedecked, status LEDs first blinked red, then blinked green... and finally: Solid green.

Each one green. All of them together a bright, tiny starfield of reassuring green. All systems nominal.

All 67 of them.