Gabriel Cubbage

Gabriel dropped out of college in 1999, concluding a romantic but ill-advised attempt to major in Philosophy. After a long period of unemployment, he landed a job at a software company by being charming and articulate. A year later, he was fired for not doing any work. He spent the next five years waiting tables and being miserable.

In 2004, Gabriel built his first computer, and began teaching himself about web design. The following year, he built a computer for his car, which played music and spoke with a British accent. He also landed his first web design client: a clock repairman in Vermont.

In February 2006, he was offered a position as eCommerce Manager for Stratton Mountain Resort. After a terrifying year of faking competence, he began to get his act together. As it turns out, Gabriel is actually really, really good at this stuff. Five years later, after turning a $2 Million / year website into a $5 Million / year website, Gabriel decided to go freelance.

And 67 Robots were born.